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Greg Ress

Conservative | Experienced | Dedicated

Republican Candidate for Tuscarawas County Commissioner

About Greg

  • Greg and his wife Jenifer have been married for 26 years

  • They have two children Reagan and Rachel

  • Both Greg and Jenifer are life long residents of Tuscarawas County

  • Greg is a graduate of New Philadelphia High School

  • Graduate of Ohio Dominion University with a Business Administration Degree

  • Successful local business owner

Experience and Community Relations

  • Greg is a local business owner that understands the challenges facing local businesses in Tuscarawas County 

  • Greg has close relationships with local business leaders, office holders and leaders at our great educational centers such as Kent State and Buckeye Career Center

Priorities as Tuscarawas County Commissioner

  • Grow our local economy by focusing on workforce solutions and job creation

  • Explore ways to implement expanded housing to help meet the needs of a growing workforce

  • Look at ways of creating a local environment for our next generation as they enter the workforce and early adulthood to help retain the next generation in our county

Guiding Political Philosophy & Values

  • Strong believer in the 2nd Amendment, Pro-Life, Limited Government Involvement and regulations, Government Accountability, Freedom of Speech, Religious Freedoms, Medical Freedom, and always America First Agenda

  • Supports and values our National Military and Local Police Forces

  • Believes in annual audits of governmental spending to insure tax payer hard earned dollars are spent wisely

  • Greg and Jenifer have continued to support, and volunteer with local charitable organizations such as Hospice, Rainbow Connections and Union Hospital Auxiliary

  • Supports local farmers, and limiting intrusive, oppressive government regulations that limit farmers ability to grow the food we need to feed our citizens

  • Local business is the backbone of our country and needs to be unshackled nationally and locally by eliminating unnecessary government regulations 

For News, Events, and Updates Visit Elect Greg Ress 
Tuscarawas County Commissioner

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