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 Find your Ohio House Representative:


Local GOP Officials


Aaron Feller
Al Landis
Barbara L. Wills
Barbara Shriver
Beth Gundy
Brett Hillyer
Brian Ice
Carl Russo
Cheryl Ramos
Clifford R. Clore
Erick Bauer
Janice Cronebaugh
Jay Hill
Jeffrey Smith
Joel Day
John Geese
Jon Elsasser
Joseph Ray Jones
Joseph Sciarretti
Justin Perkowski
Kerry Metzger

Kevin Korns
Linda Zesiger

Marcus Schwarm 

Matthew Wheeler 

Nick Homrighausen 

Patricia Strickling  

Patrick Cadle   
Rick Homrighausen
Robert Preston
Ruby Kinsey
Ryan Styer
Sarah Kneuss
Shane Gunnoe
Steph Jenkins
Thomas H. Hisrich
Thomas Watson
Tom Capozella
Tom Gerber
Wanda Machan

Please be advised that it is the Practice of the Tuscarawas County Republican Party NOT to endorse a candidate in a Republican contested primary for an "open" seat.


We also encourage Elected Republican Office Holder to refrain from open endorsements in these Primaries.


We, as Republicans, encourage helping candidates in their endeavors and will offer campaign advice, however we believe we should refrain from endorsing during these races.

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